Be careful of inside jokes.

Yay! It's February. Girl Scout Cookie Time. I missed McDonald's McRib. Back to subject. I was walking to Tom Thumb and noticed the troop outside the main entrance. Yay! I'll buy a couple of boxes on the way out. Darn it. Forgot and bought some chocolate chip. No matter.

So I see them on the way out and stop the cart. I approach the girls with a big grin on my face. The chubby 12 year old approaches me and starts into her sales pitch. I remember those days as a little leaguer and Boy Scout. We were drilled into what to say such as be polite, mention what troop, explain your rank, mention who sponsors the troop, mention the product, the price, guide to the girl handling the money, explain the different choices, ask if you want more, explain how long they will be out there.........

I didn't give her the poor young lady a chance. In all seriousness I simply said....Shut up and take my money.

I immediately knew it was too late. Luckily the hot mom who looked a little like Gal Godat knew what I had said even as I bought more than I needed or wanted and she kept smiling while I stammer and tried to explain. It was all good. The hot mom even started flirting with the old guy just to embarrass him some more.

That wasn't as bad as last year when I asked the little girl if she was selling crack again.

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