Nope. either feed him or shoot him.

We have bird feeders hanging off the 3rd floor balcony, and the grey squirrels took a year to figure out how to climb trees on the other side of the house, jump onto the roof, cross over to near the balcony and jump over to it. Then they climb down the chains and fill up. We shoot at them with AR-15s and simunitions from a 2nd floor window, but that only chases them off temporarily - they are back within an hour or so. the up side is that trophy wife is getting good with the AR-15, and has fun chasing them off - also provides some comic relief and the grand kids can help practice hunting. But it has not slowed the squirrel filching. We put corn out below the house for the deer and to draw off some of the rodents, but they like their bird seed. Luckily the bears are hibernating now. Had one back in Sept try to climb the siding on the house to get to the bird feeders. He ran off before I could draw down on him with the Sims rifle.

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