"I will culturally appropriate any of your sh!t that I want to. Sue me"

A distant cousin has traced the family tree to 1560's Switzerland and yet, I'm not about to start running around in leather shorts held up by leather suspenders and wear a William Tell hat. Etc.

And yet, if I wear a Brooks Brothers suit to the office now and then isn't that also cultural appropriation of the British way of dressing brought to this country?

During the StupidBowl game in our living room watching it on TV, the wife and I once did the tomahawk "chop" and the native American/indian "ohhh, uh ohh aaa, aaa, aaa, Aaa, oh oh ah ah aaaah..." Which makes me a bad person because I have not a drop of "native American" blood in me.

Dang, being politically correct is so binding and straight-laced.

"Stop addressing everyone with gendered language!" Yeah there is that too.

"Modern" culture, not so sure.

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