So, I want a buckskin jacket..... *Link* *Pic*

...similar to the one I wore during the late 1980 and most of the 1990s.

Alas, it doesn't fit me anymore, and I dunno how long it will take to trim myself down
once I start becoming more outdoor active in Idaho.

So, in this day and age, the place to start looking is the good ol' internet, invented
by Al Gore.

Found a bunch of jackets that look good, need to check bubba sizes and styles.

But, came across this twatwaffle article by, get this, the Smithsonian and Arizona State U.

If I get a buckskin jacket, I am callously misappropriating Native American clothing and
thus culture, making a racist statement. It goes downhill from there. More drivel at the link.

Ya know what? Fug it. I'm still getting a buckskin jacket. And I'm going to wear it everywhere,
except maybe downtown Portlandia. Which I don't care if I never go to ever again anyway.

And here's my S&W Registered Magnum .357 from 1936 on my old buckskin jacket. Because fringes.

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