Home Depot just gave me crap for bringing something back

First thing the lady at the Home Depot return desk asked me was if I had the receipt and I said no I can't find it. She then asked me what credit card I used and I said I paid with cash. She then started lecturing me about not paying with a credit card. After that she asked me if I had the receipt emailed to me and I said no I never push that because I'm worried about getting bombarded with spam.
I returned a few unopened bags of hardware along with some unopened bags of concrete anchors. Everything was brand new and unopened. Overall it was $130 worth of stuff.
She asked me for my drivers license and I happily gave it to her because she said she'd give me store credit which I was totally fine with.
She went on to tell me that Home Depot will only let you return so many times without a receipt before they won't allow you to do it anymore. I can't find any information online about this. Is this some crap she made up?
I don't remember ever having any issues like this in the past. I wonder if Lowes does the same crap .

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