Au contrare'.....

Look at the Iowa Caucus.

Did you see what really emerged from it?

The old commie and the tail pipe stuffer came out far ahead of the old guards Biden and Warren.

Look at who each appealed to:

Biden - Older less radical male Democrats.

Warren - Older less radical female Demcrats.

Bernie - Young socialists and communists.

Buttpegged - Gays, LBGEQWXYZ, social justice warriors, and young socialists and communists.

Iowa of all places should have shown a less radical, more centrist, Democrat as the winner. Biden and possibly Warren should have been the favorites.

So what happened?

Low. Caucus. Turnout.

The numbers were way down because the less radical, or more "conservative", and definitely more business oriented, part of the party stayed home.

Because they are fed up. They know what will happen to their farms, dairies, businesses, incomes, and jobs if radicals exploiting the green movement for use as a socialist club for power get into office. It looks like they will either sit out the election or vote Trump. And I'll bet many will vote Trump.

This low turnout left the dregs of the party to decide who the winners were, and they voted for more dregs, who won not on merit but by default.

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