Well, look at it this way....

I've not been a big Rush fan since he went full retard on supporting NAFTA. That was a loser from Day One and many of us stated so and predicted correctly that it would hurt jobs and our economy. I think this was the biggest mistake he ever made.

And yes, he has at times earned his nickname of Gush Windbag. And engages a lot in demagoguery.


Rush certainly had a lot to do with normalizing that it is OK to be a conservative.

And he certainly bucked the tide of liberalism, which for quite a while was washing over everything without anyone exposing it.

And he was a thorn in the sides of liberals. Before Trump Derangement Syndrome there was Rush Derangement Syndrome.

He was a voice in the wilderness for conservative radio at a time when all you heard was liberal propaganda.

So yeah, he carried conservatism on his back when there were no others doing so, or effectively doing so, on the air. And though he did go astray at times, he was never a wolf in sheep's clothing like some of the other so-called conservative commentators, some of whom openly carried water for liberal causes like gun control and abortion.

Did he deserve a medal? He deserved some sort of recognition for the work he's done. I think he pushed the slippery slope further out. And I'm sure there are more deserving people out there. But, if he is due recognition, then yes, the timing is proper because it should be done before it's posthumous. And if it makes Dems go spastic like AOC, so much the better.

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