SSB travels well, it bounces off the ionosphere. *Link*
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The old CB guys called it "skip". Add a bit of power and you can go long distance. I called once from Knob Creek KY area on my SSB CB and someone from Georgia answered. We talked for a bit then signed off. It is unpredictable and many things can effect it. If you just need to get a distress message out, it might do the trick. I want to get into sailing soon, and many sailboats use Single Side Band to talk long distance to people while underway. They also have a really cool system called Sail Mail that uses SSB to transmit small messages via your computer. Kind of like email over the air. Land based people in the program have receivers set up to receive the message and send it over the internet to the recipient, then if they respond the same setup sends a message back over the air. It is slow and not completely dependable, but it is free. When people cross an ocean for weeks, it is nice to be able to email someone.

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