Rare but likely worth keeping. *Link*

I have a few old hand held and a couple mobile CB's. Most don't use them any longer, but i will keep mine for any national disaster situations that might allow me to talk to someone not on my other comms. I like my old side band one because it will get out a long way, even longer if I connect it to the huge amplifier I have next to it. I don't use the amp now because it is illegal, but if the world catches fire I know I can. I mostly use Ham radio in the 2 meter and 70 cm range ( VHF / UHF. I definitely would keep few of the FRS GMRS radio's around because they are not expensive and everyone has a few. They even make mobile GMRS type radio's with external antenna's and repeaters for those who use them on farms etc. They are FM and have security codes that simply work as a coded squelch so you don't hear any other people on the channel but if someone has the code you are using selected they come through great.

I also have Marine radio's to cover another band, and because I go on the water sometimes. Cool thing about the new ones they have Digital Selective Calling or DSC. You are not suppose to use them on land, but then again, if the world is burning..... The cool thing about the DSC is if your know another person's MMSI number you can enter it and it will call them silently over the digital channel and their radio will ring requesting they call you. This video recommends entering your mobile radio MMSI number into the handheld so they both have the same number but I would not do that. I would want to call my other radio silently with the MMSI feature. I registered mine to a old john boat just to get a number for free. Any time I am on someone else's boat I carry my own handheld VHF registered to me so if they sink the boat or catch it on fire I can go overboard with my radio and still activate my own distress call. The coast guard has my information so they will know who I am, and the Lat Lon where I called from to come help me. this is only for radio's with built in GPS or linked to onboard GPS. Mine is internal to the radio, but I am using it for on the water not stealth operations. You can also go in the menu and enter your friends MMSI and select auto answer and it will automatically give them your position if the feature is turned on. If I want to meet up with a friend on the water I can activate this feature and I will show up on their chart plotter since my radio is responding with a gps coordinate.

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