i'll take the other stance. that being that the SOTU address doesnt mean
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socialist dem. anti-trumpsters are gonna hate....they are gonna vote solidly Dem. Thats what they do. Blacks will vote 90%+ Dem in 2020 just as they have done for generations. Hispanics will be 70% Dem or whatever.

Conservatives will vote Trump/Repub.

and no SOTU address will change one iota of ANY of that. Period. End of it.
The polarization is MUCH too great to have an electorate changing their votes based on some annual speech.

Look...there are no Dems or independents out there that will say "oooo! look Pelosi was such a bitch tearing up that speech-- I'm voting Trump now on!"


Dems are mentally ill and hardcore. There is no middle ground. They ARE Bernie, Warren, Butt-dude, Biden, and Bloomberg. They ARE AOC, RBG, Clintons, and obama. They are invested in the Dem narrative ALL THE WAY.

Lets just hope that the electoral college works its magic again.

What is sad is that 50-odd percent of Americans...yes "us".... are deranged sacks of liberal turd. That is shameful as a country.

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