Lots of bad optics last night
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Lots of bad optics last night but the "tearing of the paper" will get exploited for months.

Most of the SOTU was like a Norman Rockwell tapestry of what the mythical America used to be.

Widow and son of American soldier KIA..... Parents holding pic of their kidnapped and murdered daughter....and on and on and on. Every moment designed to appeal to a specific voting block. Not being sarcastic as that is what careful politicians do. You have to watch the whole thing to realize how well it was crafted.

Consider the scene with Trump speaking of the African American 100 year old fighter pilot getting promoted by Trump to general and then cutting to Pelosi treating the printed word of it to nothing more than asswipe. Look at the veterans face with his great grandson beside him. A tribute to a 3 war African American and Pelosi at the end poisons the whole event. It's all people will remember. Nancy stole the moment.

Pelosi in that instant is going to cost the dems bigtime. She handed Trump a huge gift.

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