question, for your vehicle, or for

anyone you note that you decide to help?
I'm retired Telco "central office technician". among other duties, did eons (seemed like that long, anyway) of servicing of lead/acid batteries in-house. keep electrolyte at proper level, terminals clean, keep connectors clean, apply some sort of "non-insulating grease" (Telco in Ohio preferred "No-Ox-Id"). used same protocol for personal vehicles. It worked, for me. in 40+ years I have had one vehicle battery die on me. 4yr old car bought new, a Ford Focus with the battery stuffed under the edge of the hood/firewall. no way to access the back 3 cells without 1/2 hr or better dissection. Waited until one day wife said "car won't start". I took the old one out (happened to be sitting in the garage, she had run an errand earlier, no problems) and bought a new one. I do keep a good set of jumper cables. have used them lots of times for others. Hope that helps

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