Mavic Mini, read travel drone

I have owned a Mavic Pro for a couple of years. Really and amazing camera drone, very stable, easy to learn how to set up and use in a short period of time. I love drone footage. I like to fly over buildings and watch them get constructed.

The one downside to a Mavic Pro is it's size.

If you want to drag a drone when you go on the road it is takes up a decent amount of space in your bag.

3 weeks ago I bought the Mavic mini after speaking to a guy that was flying one (OVER CARS BEING AUCTIONED IN SCOTTSDALE(!), turns out he works for the auction company and they wanted footage)). Went and bought one the next day from best buy.

The mini is about $400, ready to fly. MUCH smaller, has a simpler controller and not as many features on the controller. The good news is it weighs in at less than 250 grams so no FAA registration is necessary. It is a SMALL travel package! I can easily bring this drone on the road and get it into the air quickly and easily. You can charge the drone batteries and controller by using a cell phone battery pack. It does not take video in 4k (so what) it still does 2.7k and it take really nice quality still photos. The mini, just like the full sized mavic pro, is an extremely easy package to learn how to fly. Stable! When learning if you get confused, take your hands off the controller and the drone will just hover.

The mini obviously flies slower than a full sized mavic pro. Flight time is about 30 minutes. The mini being a smaller flight package it is more sensitive to wind and you do have to be more aware of wind conditions if you start flying further away. If the return flight has a decent amount of headwind, you are going to fly yourself into problems. Be aware!

Check you tube, plenty of mavic mini crash video where people fly themselves into problems with wind and end up sticking their drone into a lake or ocean because it was REALLY COOL flying out OVER the water, but the failed to consider that the flight back means a battery draining power is necessary.

Flight distance- I have flown the mini over 1500 meters away and it still worked well. I have had two instances where the controller lost contact with the drone but regained contact prior to an automatic return to home default being triggered. In flying my Mavic pro in the same conditions and distances, I have not had that problem. Not exactly sure why the mini experienced those two controller drop offs.

Once again, be aware, use good flight judgement!

Overall a Mavic Mini is a GREAT flight package, especially good if you like to take your drone places when you travel. It is more sensitive to wind than a full sized drone, for what I am looking for in a drone, it is something I am aware of but do not consider it something that would stop me from recommending it or buying it again.

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