they must be know-nothing buffoons

it REALLY pisses me off when other MG guys dick over their own kind. I mean come on folks- anyone with a SMG has at min. $6k worth of product in that one gun and no telling what else they own. In other words- MG owners are good gun owners and good clients- not some fucking outcasts as these yahoos portray you to be. So yeah...they'd rather have dickweed uncle buck in there doing all kinds of stupid stuff, broke -ass , never buying shit from them, just jawboning, and certainly more dangerous than the MG owner.

Sorry for the rant. It pisses me off. All the MG dudes I know are top quality - in safety among other qualities. They generally are VERY knowledgeable about there weapons- after all they have significant $$ investment in them.

Kinda like the dumb redneck RO at OFAST that barked at me to leave my UZI SMG with bolt open on the table after shooting- for safety as he could see in the chamber. Moron doesnt know what an open bolt MG is. Oh well.

Screw that memphis outfit. Sorry.

Shit they ought to roll out the red carpet for you or at least treat you on par terms with SA shooters.

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