I still see as many cows out there as always..

About 8 years ago beef prices in the stores went way down in my area due to a cattle sell-off by ranchers on account of a drought. The drought is over and I see cows all over the place now. Beef prices went up in the market lag between drought abatement and normalcy but they never dropped as one might expect when the supply came back to normal. Local livestock auction prices still run under $2 a pound. Locker plant wages still make them a sweat shop. Trucking went up a little bit but that's not enough to warrrant 8 and 9 dollar a pound steaks. I doubt chain store butchers are getting rich. Lots of things prices went up with 0bamacare coming into play. Industry consolidation and 8 digit management salaries haven't helped things, either.

In my way of thinking, our government is not necessarily our friend. Some of our capitalists who pull the strings on that government damn sure ain't our friends, either. Nor are the socialists. The federal reserve and their manipulations of the markets, at the behest of capitalists who don't want to experience the normal ups and downs of free markets, have also fucked the middle class over as well as everybody else. I don't think the answer to these problems are to eliminate the capitalists or the socialists. I think if we could somehow shit-can the federal reserve, break up some of the mega corporations to create greater competition, and find a way to eliminate the influence of money in politics we'd be a lot better off. The issue of socialism would then die a natural death, there would be more capitalists to run their businesses however they wanted, more competition for employees which would drive up wages, and the markets could resume their historical ups and downs which, despite the temporary pain for some, would create new opportunities at every turn.

'Scuse me while I go see what the DJIA and other markets are doing....

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