Re: You can blame oppressive taxes for that.

There lots more other than oppressive taxes. There is chronic marketing mismanagement. If you cant move the volume. A business will not have cash to pay workers.
A big issue is the way colleges are teaching the business graduates.
This is going to be impossible to over turn btw.

So when I'm in Kroger's last night the store is selling only the airline size krups coffee pod boxes I kidd you not
There is like not even 12 pods in the boxes. And those boxes are priced like they were 18 pods to a box.
I'm not buying 4 packages of krups pods to equal what was one full box before.

I told the manager maybe a year ago he had turned his fine Kroger's store into a quik mart.
He told me they were barely staying open. You cant buy a jimmie dean sausage chub they are literally
Jimmie dean chublets now. Half lb package you can tell that manager that the marketing is messed
Up and no ones going to buy that jimmie dean if it isn't one standard american lb.
You want those jimmie dean packs flying of the shelf. Make them 1-1/4 lb pack.
But it would be like a conservative trying to talk pelosi , to leave trump alone.
A worthless waste of effort.

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