Just got back to the hotel

I'm staying at The Jefferson. Awesome hotel... can't imagine staying anywhere else in DC. Oh man, the shower is amazing. Tons of water pressure and a Speakman shower head. Damn near peels the skin off. Love it.

Spent the day at the SPY Museum. I used to live here so I've seen most of the museums but the SPY museum is new for me. I really enjoyed it. Highly recommend it you are into spy related stuff.

The SOTU was fantastic. I met my congressman at his office and he let me sit in on his staff meeting. Then we headed over to the capital to take some pics and walk around a bit. Then we went to a reception in Kevin McCarthy's office. Open bar and lots of food but it was really crowded. Met a bunch of politicians that I don't know. Met Bob Barr and Mulvaney. The latter is really impressive... smart guy, the permanent temporary chief of staff.

Then off to the SOTU. My reserved set was front row, which was the same row at Melania and only 10 sets to her left. So I was really close to all the gallery introductions. As you saw, Trump's speech was great but it is even better in person. I've seen him speak in person twice now and I am impressed how much better he is in person.

A surprise for me was our senator Sinema. First, she didn't wear white instead a nice purple dress. Second, she was on her feet about 90% of the time applauding Trump. Go figure. She had to be the black sheep with the libs for that. Speaking of the libs, good God what a bunch of childish brats. Making faces, waving their hands, and making off the wall comments. And then Pelosi tears up the speech. That's gonna cost some dem votes IMO.

Overall, a once in a lifetime experience. Fly back to Scottsdale tomorrow.

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