You can blame oppressive taxes for that.

Oregon Dems have been dumping a shit ton of new taxes on everyone, including a stealth VAT (since voters keep turning down a sales tax). The VAT adds 1.5% to every level in the chain.

I'm surprised how much food has skyrocketed. The burger flipping robots can't come too soon.

We now have a Vehicle Privilege Tax. I'm not making that up. That's exactly what the Dems named it.

The Dems are now pushing a Home Privilege Tax. Apparently high property taxes are not enough.

And they are trying to overturn the property tax cap citizens voted in.

Not satisfied with all that, they want Cap and Trade to push fuel to $8+ a gallon.

And a tax of $3 a gallon to build a new interstate bridge no one wants and which as no more lanes than the present bridge.

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