No...a thousand times NO...

The remainder of her term in office should be as Speaker of the House until January of 2021, at which time she will wear her white robe down there alongside AOC...she should be made to endure the demise of the Democratic Party that she so faithfully served, and so greatly aided in losing the House by tonight's antics.

And just a note...Trump's "disrespect" by not shaking her hand? You do NOT shake hands with your enemy. They are not "friends". War is meant to be won, and DJT embarrassed her, then curb stomped the DNC talking points. Game. Set. Match.

Nancy wouldn't/couldn't stand for the honoring of many of the guests that were didn't fit her political narrative. She waived her leprotic hand at House Democratic members and DNC shills in the audience she no longer has control over. How tragically fitting. We watched the thing that Shakespeare wrote plays about tonight.

Her 15 minutes is now over.

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