So, I'm out Caucussing for Bernie last night. *Link*

Had to take the wife to Iowa City to the cancer Dr. again. We got into town and got a motel in the ped mall on campus. We decided to walk a few blocks for supper. We notice a long line of kids going into a theater to caucuss. The line was took long to stand in, so we decided to have a few pints and pizza and we'd come back. We walked into the theater and they told us that we were too late to sign up to vote, but we could be observers. An older guy jumped me about where I live in town. I told him I was from Iowa city. and he dropped it. We got in the theatre and they had formed groups in different areas for the candidates of their choice. Naturally I wanted in Bernies section. So we sat there with all the college kids and their minds full of mush. They were chanting back and forth between rival candidates. One group tried to get 10 of us to jump ship and join their group. Then they decided to count their paper ballots with a special green sticker on them. The lady in charge was miffed that the total was 50 votes short of the people that registered. At this point I was waiting for her to suggest that they add them anyway, and then someone interrupted her and said they should do a hand count. So the college kids raised their hands and other college kids (in charge) tried to count them. It was at this point I could have raised my hand and voted, but I didn't. It was an organizational mess right out of the gate. Wife and I realized that this was going to be a long night at best and we finally left. I would think that a candidate worth their salt would load up busses and pack the caucus in their favor, and maybe even invite people like me from out of state to vote. The whole process seemed silly and ripe for corruption. Anyway, it took the edge off of the cancer appointment.