Nothing finer...

Than watching F4's landing on an aicraft carrier, they come in faster than about any, around 140 knots 'cause "Flying Brick". Take off, like most, is so-so 'cause the catapult does the hard work, so once off the deck they drop down til they can overcome gravity.
On my last Rimpac, the Best Bird of All (in '75) F14 Tomcat, They are fun coming and going. They Took Off and seemed like the cat was holding them down, they'd climb as soon as loosed from the cat. Even better was landing, they were Slow bout 80 knots, looked like birds landing in front of you at the park. Good Bird or Bad, by todays standards, it was a fine aeroplane. When they're parked, wing swept back, they remind me of a Mourning Dove, on the power stroke. Never got a chance to get to know them, they were in Carrier Qualification and never onboard while I was in.

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