China Unveils Stunning "Community Lockdown" In Nanjing, Will Punish Sick *Link*

China Unveils Stunning "Community Lockdown" In Nanjing, Unreported Sick Will Be Punishable By Law

Confirmed deaths: 427

Confirmed cases: 20,676

Chinese authorities have enforced full community lockdown in Nanjing Province

American Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Jetstar close routes to China

Taiwan tightens travel restrictions

WHO infectious hazard chief says outbreak 'not a pandemic'

Japan says no coronavirus cases confirmed on cruise ship "Diamond Princess"

Kudlow says impact on US economy from outbreak will be 'limited'

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Update (1145ET): In a stunning announcement by officials in Nanjing Province, authorities have unveiled what amounts to full martial law and furthermore, taking enforcement of reporting the sick extremely seriously:

"Nanjing issued a notice to further strengthen community management during epidemic prevention and control: fully implemented community closed management, all people entering and leaving the community must wear masks. Strict inspection and registration of vehicle personnel in the community.

Strengthen community environmental governance and management of rental housing. If an outbreak occurs in a rented house without a timely report, the leasing unit or individual of the house will be held accountable according to law."

Nanjing is home to 8.35 million people - this has to be the largest enforcement of martial law in history.

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