They were current front line a/c when I was in '69-'73

NATC Pax river Md, I worked on weapons systems test division flight line (I was an A-4 p/c, single seater "E" model, bummer no backseat hops), and we had no F-4s assigned, but there were lots of them in flight & service test divisions, so they were all over the place.
A good buddy was an F-4 p/c in flight test, and I was checked out & had my "flight skins", and he said that he would arrange a backseat ride any time for me, and I never took him up on it.
Of all the stupid dumb-ass shit that I've done in nearly 70 years on this planet, this is one of my lifes' biggest regrets.
I also have some photos somewhere of the Blue Angels show on base in 71 or 72 when they flew them for a couple years; I might be a little biased towards the Blues A-4 days but there was nothing like the F-4s with those J-79s...

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